La maestra que enseña

The teacher that teaches

Monday Bloody Monday!

The beginning of the week is always the hardest. Specially Monday, one feels like a zombie dragging the weight of the past week. 

As a teacher, every Sunday evening I plan my lessons for the week. I write up my plans and begin to search for props that I will use in my lessons. This weekend I saved up 2 cardboard bag bottoms, so I could create a memory card game. I took me 1 whole week of patience to be able to retrieve the cardboard I wanted. Finally I had them and was able to make my game. (or so I thought)

This morning (Monday) I arrived at school and set up the cardboard on the table so I could print in my free time the memory game. But, all of a sudden, my cardboard was ruined!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All this time I waited to used it, and now it was ruined. I immediatelly saw It was my coteacher whom had painted something and used my cardboard as a paint palette. (face slap) 

My frustration was evident and I confronted her. But this has not been the 1st ocassion where she does these things. She does so much that she doesn’t even ask. Anyway, seeing her frustration and nervousness put me off. I said it was fine, but really, we need to focus on what we do. Plans are hard to make and without the needed materials is worse. 

Just decided to share this, I’m currently not mad or frustrated, but my plans went downhill. No hard feelings towards my co teacher, just tons of feeling. 


New year, new goals

With the start of a new year, comes a fresh batch of goals and wants that we strive to obtain. So, go out and make them happen, don’t hesitate to begin. If you really think about it, the hardest part is starting, the rest is part of the ride. Of course we will have to work hard to finish, and some days, it will seem impossible, but strive on! 

If you need extra motivation, read “Oh, the places you’ll go” by Dr. Seuss. One is never too old for this story, plus it’s an eye broadening experience. 

Live life and reach your goals! 

Find me on FB, Miss Jani 😉😚 so you can get to know me a bit. 

Great Mornings

Great mornings are decided when you wake up. Smile, have a positive outlook an life and enjoy the simple things. 

Rincòn, Puerto Rico

Teaching thoughts

Teaching is a very hard task.

 Teaching is a very hard task, that requires lots of dedication. 

Always remember, children keep what you teach them. 

Craftivity: Pony Tails 🖍🤗

Haven’t posted in a while…

Educating becomes a big part of your life. 

Keeping that premise in mind, I find myself constantly reevaluating myself and the choice I made to become a teacher. As a young girl growing up in a small town like Isabela, one has only 3 clear career paths: Medicine, Law or teaching. As simple as that. The don’t raise you with expectations of greatness, they don’t teach to wander out of the box. You are born, raised and you have to be what your parents want you to be. 

I find this quite disturbing, as I grow older I find myself encouraging my students to think outside the box, I am quite set on creating special thinkers and believers. Why? Because our kids seem more dependent and feel they need to use some sort of technology instead of coming up with a solution. 

Don’t get me wrong when I mentioned the use of technology, but sometimes we need to set these things aside and plot with the abilities we have. 

When I finally decided I was going to become a teacher, I felt like I have accepted my fate, to follow in my family’s footsteps. 

What you should know about me is that I come from a long line of educators, so it is naturally an option. 

But once I began my studies I found myself unfulfilled. So I switched to Theatre to satisfy my need of being the center of attention. Yep, I was very pleased up until graduation month. I ended my studied and began freelancing. After a year of working on my own, I decide to go back to school. 

A masters degree looks so amazing on  a resume but it still didn’t fulfill me. So I began collaborating with the Autism Alliance of PR. (That is a whole nother story for another day) 

My satisfaction levels started to grow, then I decide to take my first job as a full time teacher. 

This is when I fall head over heels with teaching.

After this, the rest is history. I’ve been a full time teacher for 5 years and going. My days have been rough and tiresome but oh so rewarding. Teaching is my life and what I am great at. I hope to be a teacher for a few more years.

Laughs and giggles

Most of the time I will be posting about my daily struggles of being a teacher. And other times you’ll probably get some of my dry humor. 

Today is dry humor day!

So, I made up this alter ego, called “Evil Jani”. It’s me but with dark hair. 

Before I continue, you must know that I have crazy, curly, and big orange hair. 

A few weeks ago I began telling my students stories of things I used to do with my other students. Since we are in an alternative learning school, regular education is very different. The stories ranged from me giving pop quizzes to having them write 15 vocabulary words. Everyones jaw suddenly dropped and It became a big deal. The possibility of me being evil is close to none, but somehow, they realy belived me. 

A week after the stories, I found a black wig and decided to wear it to school. Kids were giggling all around and parents joined in on the fun too. I showed the kids that I was not threatening at all. But today, one of my students confessed that he still feared my alter ego. I quickly addressed it, fear is not something we want, respect and trust are more important. 

Compartiendo mi espacio

Como maestra siempre he sido muy territorial. Mis estudiantes muchas veces los veo como mis propios niños. Les doy las herramientas necesarias para poder ser exitoso en su vida y espero ver resultados. Ayer no pude asistir al trabajo ya que debìa llevar a cabo unas diligencias personales. Preparè mis planes para mis sustitutos y los dejè listos para ejecutar. Se que los niños iban a estar en buenas manos, sin embargo en el fondo de mi mente no paro de pesar en cosas terribles. Como por ejemplo: 

Dios mio, ¿habrè dejado las copias listas? ¿Vendràn todos los niños hoy? Se portaràn bien? ¿Los trataràn como yo hago? ¿Què estaràn haciendo ahora?

Todo eso es lo que mi mente insiste en pensar constantemente cuando no estoy trabajando. 

En cuanto a compartir mi espacio, siempre he sido muy buena en equipo. Sin embargo, tengo unos pequeños indicios de OCD y me interesa que ciertas cosas se lleven a cabo como indico. Asi que al tener a alguien diferente conmigo durante el dìa me ha dado trabajo acoplarme. Pero, eso sucede cuando eres maestro. 

October 3, 2016

As a teacher, we encounter trouble almost every corner we turn. It is our sacred duty to mediate between both parties and come up with a resolution. These last few weeks, one of my kids has been having a hard time. He’s been struggling with loss of a family member, as a child it is difficult to understand these situations. Upon his return, my teaching partner and I have been emotionally available for our student, we often go to him and let him know that we know and understand his struggle. But this kid has his guard WAY UP! So instead of dealing with his emotions and using his words, he uses his wit to drive other kids crazy. This has been the dinamic since he returned, he bosses, micromanages, picks and naggs everyones work or opinion.  

As a teacher, I want to address feelings and emotional concerns so that the kids have a less heavy day. I want to make things so fun that they forget how bad it is at home or wherever. Even if it’s only temporary, I just want them to feel safe and happy with me at school. 

In between darkness and the city lights

Puerto Rico has been struggling this week with electrical and water services. We had a huge fire in the main power station of our island and blacked us out for a few days. 

Today I have no electricity but I do have water. Which is way more necessary to have. Although I haven’t done much planning or lesson prep because of this. 

So, I decided to mental map out tomorrows craftivity and hopefuly I will remember. 

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