I’m just realizing today, that it’s been 2 whole months of teaching. So much has changed for me since my last school. From a traditional eductional system to a Reggio/Waldorf/Montessori inspired system. It’s been different and a little bit challenging. It’s like reprogramming a computer, my wiring was set to a specific setting. 

Since I knew little about these methods, I began reading about it. Here are my thoughts on these systems.

1. Every child is capable of learning through free play, but if you need them to learn a specific thing, then the toys or supplies should be about this topic. 

2. Not all children learn the same way. Some are visual, some learn by listening, some by examples and association and few by writing and repeating. Try all methods so you can pin point which one will work with whom.

3. Make hard work, seem super fun. Go all out creating manipulatives and props for the lesson. Make your own resources!!!! 🤗

4. Don’t assign homework. Assign play-work! I had mixed feelings about not sending homework or sending too much homework. So, I prepared a games envelope where kids will store their play-work games and activities.

5.A students opinion is always valid and important! Listen to your students, offer help without interfering. Be a guide!

So these are some things i’ve learned and hopefully it will help out