As a teacher, we encounter trouble almost every corner we turn. It is our sacred duty to mediate between both parties and come up with a resolution. These last few weeks, one of my kids has been having a hard time. He’s been struggling with loss of a family member, as a child it is difficult to understand these situations. Upon his return, my teaching partner and I have been emotionally available for our student, we often go to him and let him know that we know and understand his struggle. But this kid has his guard WAY UP! So instead of dealing with his emotions and using his words, he uses his wit to drive other kids crazy. This has been the dinamic since he returned, he bosses, micromanages, picks and naggs everyones work or opinion.  

As a teacher, I want to address feelings and emotional concerns so that the kids have a less heavy day. I want to make things so fun that they forget how bad it is at home or wherever. Even if it’s only temporary, I just want them to feel safe and happy with me at school.