Most of the time I will be posting about my daily struggles of being a teacher. And other times you’ll probably get some of my dry humor. 

Today is dry humor day!

So, I made up this alter ego, called “Evil Jani”. It’s me but with dark hair. 

Before I continue, you must know that I have crazy, curly, and big orange hair. 

A few weeks ago I began telling my students stories of things I used to do with my other students. Since we are in an alternative learning school, regular education is very different. The stories ranged from me giving pop quizzes to having them write 15 vocabulary words. Everyones jaw suddenly dropped and It became a big deal. The possibility of me being evil is close to none, but somehow, they realy belived me. 

A week after the stories, I found a black wig and decided to wear it to school. Kids were giggling all around and parents joined in on the fun too. I showed the kids that I was not threatening at all. But today, one of my students confessed that he still feared my alter ego. I quickly addressed it, fear is not something we want, respect and trust are more important.