La maestra que enseña

The teacher that teaches


December 2016

Great Mornings

Great mornings are decided when you wake up. Smile, have a positive outlook an life and enjoy the simple things. 

Rincòn, Puerto Rico


Teaching thoughts

Teaching is a very hard task.

 Teaching is a very hard task, that requires lots of dedication. 

Always remember, children keep what you teach them. 

Craftivity: Pony Tails 🖍🤗

Haven’t posted in a while…

Educating becomes a big part of your life. 

Keeping that premise in mind, I find myself constantly reevaluating myself and the choice I made to become a teacher. As a young girl growing up in a small town like Isabela, one has only 3 clear career paths: Medicine, Law or teaching. As simple as that. The don’t raise you with expectations of greatness, they don’t teach to wander out of the box. You are born, raised and you have to be what your parents want you to be. 

I find this quite disturbing, as I grow older I find myself encouraging my students to think outside the box, I am quite set on creating special thinkers and believers. Why? Because our kids seem more dependent and feel they need to use some sort of technology instead of coming up with a solution. 

Don’t get me wrong when I mentioned the use of technology, but sometimes we need to set these things aside and plot with the abilities we have. 

When I finally decided I was going to become a teacher, I felt like I have accepted my fate, to follow in my family’s footsteps. 

What you should know about me is that I come from a long line of educators, so it is naturally an option. 

But once I began my studies I found myself unfulfilled. So I switched to Theatre to satisfy my need of being the center of attention. Yep, I was very pleased up until graduation month. I ended my studied and began freelancing. After a year of working on my own, I decide to go back to school. 

A masters degree looks so amazing on  a resume but it still didn’t fulfill me. So I began collaborating with the Autism Alliance of PR. (That is a whole nother story for another day) 

My satisfaction levels started to grow, then I decide to take my first job as a full time teacher. 

This is when I fall head over heels with teaching.

After this, the rest is history. I’ve been a full time teacher for 5 years and going. My days have been rough and tiresome but oh so rewarding. Teaching is my life and what I am great at. I hope to be a teacher for a few more years.

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