The beginning of the week is always the hardest. Specially Monday, one feels like a zombie dragging the weight of the past week. 

As a teacher, every Sunday evening I plan my lessons for the week. I write up my plans and begin to search for props that I will use in my lessons. This weekend I saved up 2 cardboard bag bottoms, so I could create a memory card game. I took me 1 whole week of patience to be able to retrieve the cardboard I wanted. Finally I had them and was able to make my game. (or so I thought)

This morning (Monday) I arrived at school and set up the cardboard on the table so I could print in my free time the memory game. But, all of a sudden, my cardboard was ruined!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All this time I waited to used it, and now it was ruined. I immediatelly saw It was my coteacher whom had painted something and used my cardboard as a paint palette. (face slap) 

My frustration was evident and I confronted her. But this has not been the 1st ocassion where she does these things. She does so much that she doesn’t even ask. Anyway, seeing her frustration and nervousness put me off. I said it was fine, but really, we need to focus on what we do. Plans are hard to make and without the needed materials is worse. 

Just decided to share this, I’m currently not mad or frustrated, but my plans went downhill. No hard feelings towards my co teacher, just tons of feeling.